A new International Theatre Company, a platform enabling artistic expression and cultural participation of international theatre artists living in Iceland, including those of Icelandic origin.
REYKJAVÍK ENSEMBLE is a new International Theatre Company, founded and artistically directed by Pálína Jónsdóttir, theatre and opera director, together with her collaborator Ewa Marcinek, project manager and writer. 
The mission of REYKJAVÍK ENSEMBLE is to develop and present creative productions of original, contemporary and classical theatre works. 
Beneficiaries of the project are professional theatre artists of all languages and backgrounds (including racial, ethnic, linguistic or cultural identity), who are marginalized in the cultural sector and hence absent from the current Icelandic theatre scene. We want to support social empowerment of foreign born and talented artists.
REYKJAVÍK ENSEMBLE is artist-in-residence at Iðnó for the theatrical season of 2019-2020.
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